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Puente Pro: My Go-to Skateboard

Sam Xiao Sept. 11, 2017, 7:34 a.m. Outdoors
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Pro Cruiser Complete Skateboard 31 Inch
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  • nice design
  • stable
  • turns well
  • beginner friendly
  • rides smooth


  • cannot absorb some cracks

I recently started skateboarding and decided to get another skateboard as a backup. So far, my Puente Pro skateboard has now became my go-to skateboard as I love the design and it is stable but can turn well at the same time. Although I am fairly new to skateboarding, it is pretty beginner friendly as it rides very smooth and the trucks are loosened perfectly without having to make any of my own adjustments.

I don't use this 31 inch skateboard to travel but rather for fun as in terms of travel, there are a lot of cracks on the street so a long board should be ideal for transportation (if portability is not an issue). I actually fell because of a crack in the road which the board could not absorb, but this is a problem with all shorter boards.

Overall, this 31in complete cruiser board by Puente is a great fit for a beginner like myself.

ProductPro Cruiser Complete Skateboard 31 Inch Pro Cruiser Complete Skateboard 31 Inch
Average Rating 4.4
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