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MixMart's Power Bank Charges Your Laptop

Cecile Ryans Sept. 6, 2017, 1:49 p.m. Accessories
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24000mAh Laptop Power Bank
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  • 24000mAh
  • 500+ charge cycles
  • LCD screen
  • flashlight
  • portable
  • 3 USB ports


  • 1 AC outlet

Because my laptop has been overcharged and therefore no longer holds a charge, I needed a power bank with an AC outlet that had a high battery capacity. I decided to get MixMart's laptop / smartphone / tablet power bank because of its 24,000mAh battery capacity and AC outlet and USB ports. This meant that it could be used to charge a wide range of devices, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more. I purchased this with charging my laptop in mind, but have found this quite useful to charge my phone as well!

The MixMart 24,000mAh power bank comes in a plain brown cardboard box. Inside, you will receive the laptop power bank, 5.5 feet power cord, interchangeable wall adapter, user manual, and home charger. The user manual is a useful tool to help you get started, although using the power bank is quite intuitive.

- 24,000mAh battery capacity - can fully charge my laptop a few times
- Can charge multiple devices simultaneously (up to 3 USB-charged devices and one laptop)
- 500+ charge cycles in a lifetime
- LCD screen showing the battery percentage
- Built-in flashlight with the power bank
- Portable compared to other laptop power banks (624g)
- AC outlet on/off switch
...and more (see on Amazon)

I am definitely satisfied with my purchase and would buy again!

Product24000mAh Laptop Power Bank 24000mAh Laptop Power Bank
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