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Jabees Shield: Best Earbuds for Working Out?

Sam Xiao Sept. 7, 2017, 7:26 a.m. Audio
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Shield True Wireless Earbuds
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  • ear hooks
  • IPX4
  • true wireless
  • charging case


  • touch controls
  • sound is ok

Overall Verdict

The Jabees Shield definitely isn't the best pair of earbuds you can find for working out due to a couple flaws. However, if you are searching for a completely wireless solution, these are a pair to consider.

The Jabees Shield are great true wireless stereo earbuds for running or working out. I've tried many other truly wireless earbuds in the past, but the Jabees Shield are a pair that I found especially made for athletes due to careful choices in design.

The earbuds include:
1 x Shield True Wireless Fitness Earbuds
1 x Charging Case (450mAh)
2 x Removable Earhook
2 x Earhook Caps
3 x Eartips Bullet-shape (L,M.S)
3 x Eartips Bowl-shape (L,M.S)
1 x Micro USB Cable for charging the power pouch
1 x User manual

They include a hard charging case which I have never seen included with any other true wireless earbuds. It protects your earbuds from damage when you drop them, but at the same time it charges your earbuds on the go. The case is not as protective as a normal hard carrying case, but it is better than a plastic or metal case that will break with just one drop.

The over-ear hooks are also perfect for sports. I tried the Jabees BTwins in the past, which did work with most exercise I did, but these are even better as there is no way these can fall down due to the design of the hooks. I really liked how the earbuds comes with so many different ear configurations to fit everyone. The touch controls are a bit finicky particularly during exercise where my hands are sweaty, so I would prefer to have buttons.

As for the sound, it isn't excellent but is improved from the original version of the Jabees Shield. These are mainly made for exercise so considering that, the sound is pretty decent. The original version also had connectivity issues, but they have been fixed in this new

The true wireless earbuds feature an IPX4 sweatproof rating meaning they will not be damaged from sweat while you are working out. This is always a plus because it will give you a peace of mind.

The Jabees Shield truly wireless headphones comes in three different modern colors. I personally bought the black version for myself, but there are blue and pink versions also available.

ProductShield True Wireless Earbuds Shield True Wireless Earbuds
Average Rating 3.8
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