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All Drivers Need Lumina's 1080p Dash Cam

Octaviano Zambrano July 6, 2017, 4:23 p.m. Cameras
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1080p 170° Wide Angle Dash Cam
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  • small size
  • 170° wide angle lens
  • 1080p recording
  • night mode
  • loop recording
  • time lapse
  • g-sensor
  • parking monitor
  • motion detection
  • great value


  • no included SD card
  • no Bluetooth / WiFi
  • buttons hard to read

Overall Verdict

Lumina's dash cam boasts many useful features and is necessary for the protection of all drivers.

Here's the deal: Anyone who has been driving for at least a year knows the dangers of the road.

Driving is one of the most risky things you do everyday not only because of accidents, but also because of the people behind accidents. I've personally been in a couple of car accidents and have encountered my fair share of liars and outright scammers on the road. There are a couple of trustworthy people out there, but just one scammer could potentially ruin your whole life. From insurance fraud to false accusations after car or parking accidents, a dash cam (or dashboard camera) is a device you must have if you drive to give yourself peace of mind.'s article on why everyone should have a dashcam goes into detail on its importance.

I started getting interested in a dash cam after a minor accident with a really unfair outcome. In this case, the other party was clearly wrong, but I was found at fault only because it was my word against his with no evidence for either of us.

As of now, I've tried quite a few dash cams, but recently a new dash cam from Lumina popped up on the market. It has been released about three months ago, and already has hundreds of glowing reviews and is currently the #1 new release on Amazon in portable CB radios. I quickly got my hands on it, and so far, Lumina's dash cam is one of my favorite dashboard cameras I've tried.

Lumina's dashboard camera boasts 1080p FHD recording quality, 170 degree wide angle lens, night vision recording, time lapse / loop recording / g-sensor functionality, and many more features. It was super simple for me to set up using the user manual as I've had experience with other cameras in the past. You will need an microSD card to use the camera. It is not included, but if you are a tech junkie like myself, you'll probably have a couple of those lying around. Fortunately, the dash cam supports up to a 32GB memory card, which is a good amount of memory. Even with less storage, however, the loop recording feature will keep the camera recording.

Simply stated, Lumina's dash cam is a sleek, modern, dash cam that boasts a high-quality build which makes it stand out from the rest. The camera comes with a built-in screen, but it still manages to maintain a small size. Even further, the product photos of the camera make it actually look larger than it is, which is a plus for me. Having a screen built onto the camera has been useful at times for easier navigation and controls or to check if you are recording the whole road.

- 170 degree wide angle lens, 1080p recording - allows you to record a wider range of objects on the road clearly and with full HD quality
- Night mode - quality of video obviously won't be as good as during the day, but it is a big improvement from normal recording in the dark
- Loop recording - if the memory is full, the camera will continue to record by rewriting old footage
- G-sensor - automatically freezes accident recordings when it senses a crash so the footage will not get rewritten
- Parking monitor - while parked, Lumina's 1080p dash cam will wake up if it senses a vibration so it will record the person when it gets hit
- Motion detection, time lapse recording (30 fps, 10 fps, 5 fps, 2 fps)

Possible Improvements for Future Models:
- The buttons are black on black and sometimes may be hard to read.
- You must buy a microSD card yourself (class 10 or ultra 1). Some dash cams I've tried in the past include a microSD card or have built-in storage.
- There is no support for Bluetooth or WiFi, so it is pretty inconvenient when you want to view the video.

Product1080p 170° Wide Angle Dash Cam 1080p 170° Wide Angle Dash Cam
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