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Greatever 620C Is a Cheap GoPro Alternative

Sam Xiao Sept. 2, 2017, 3:51 p.m. Cameras
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WiFi UHD 4K Waterproof Action Camera
WiFi UHD 4K Waterproof Action Camera
WiFi UHD 4K Waterproof Action Camera
WiFi UHD 4K Waterproof Action Camera
WiFi UHD 4K Waterproof Action Camera
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  • included accessories
  • 4K recording
  • 170º wide angle
  • 12MP photos
  • built-in WiFi


  • 25 FPS at 4K

Overall Verdict

Greatever's action camera boasts specs similar to a GoPro for a fraction of its price.

After doing my homework online and researching many other action cameras, I finally decided to go with this one from Greatever due to its high specifications at a fairly affordable price point.

Not only does this action camera from Greatever come with countless accessories and a detailed user guide, it also boasts crystal clear UHD 4K video to 25fps or 2.7K at 30fps, a 170 degree wide angle lens, a water-resistant case, a wrist-based remote control, and built-in WiFi. So far, this has proven to be perfect for my needs in recording my activities outdoors as it has similar features and quality to those of GoPros at a fraction of the price.

The item arrives in a gray plastic bag without any fancy packaging. Inside the bag is the carrying case for the action camera. The carrying case includes a space for all the accessories that come with the camera along with the camera itself. I would advise against taking everything in the case out at once as it is easy to forget where something goes as the foam padding on the case is made to exactly fit each one of the accessories so if one item is put in the wrong compartment, the other items may not fit.

Greatever 4K action camera outside case

The case contains:
- 4K action camera
- Waterproof housing
- Wireless wrist remote control
- Handle Bar / Pole Mount
- 7 Unique Mounts
- 2 Unique Clips
- Helmet mounts
- Bandages
- Extra battery
- Lens cloth
- Tethers
- Protective backdoor
- USB cable
- Charger

Greatever 4K action camera inside case

As you can see, there are many accessories that come with the camera, so it is important that you make sure you keep all of them organized inside the carrying case at all times, or you may risk losing a few. I have attached an unboxing video of the camera to visually show the accessories that come with the camera as there are a lot. The instructions guide does a great job of explaining how to set up each mount with the camera to avoid confusion in that area.

Major highlights:
- The action camera boosts an ultra HD 4K display, which I have tested and looks incredibly high quality. However, this is only at a maximum of 25fps for shooting in 4K which may look a little laggy to some. You can also shoot with 2.7k at 30 fps which also looks great.
- Using the wireless wrist remote, I was able to easily and effortlessly control the camera to start and stop recordings. This has added a whole new level of convenience for me especially for shooting something while on the move.
- The waterproof housing which comes with the action camera allows you to go down to 30 meters. I have not tested this yet but it definitely will be a useful addition to regular surfers, divers, swimmers, and water-sport players.
- There is an extra battery included with the accessories, so even if you run out of power in the original battery you can easily swap it out for the spare and continue recording.
- In addition to high quality video, this camera takes 12MP photos which look amazing.
- The 170 degree wide angle lens featured on this action camera allows for a wide field of view. For capturing moments outdoors, this is incredibly useful as you can see more of what's going on.
- Having built-in WiFi on the action camera makes sharing, viewing and editing videos or photos much simpler.

Greatever 4K action camera inside case

All in all, I have had a pleasant experience using this action camera so far. I look forward to record my next adventure outdoors with this high-quality action camera! For just about anyone looking for a quality action camera but doesn't want to pay up a few hundred dollars for a GoPro, this 4K action camera from Greatever for less than $60 is perfect for you!

ProductWiFi UHD 4K Waterproof Action Camera WiFi UHD 4K Waterproof Action Camera
Average Rating 4.3
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